Tribute Giving


Honor someone or something you love by giving a Tribute Gift. Tribute gifts are a truly meaningful and beautiful acknowledgment of a loved one, be it a person, pet or community.   

Tribute gifts may be made in honor of a loved one to celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, birth of a child, or in memory of a life.  Perhaps you can ask for contributions to Shalom in lieu of gifts when you are celebrating a special anniversary or other important life event.

It's easy to honor someone or something you love! Print this form complete it and mail to Shalom Mountain. Your loved ones will be sent a card letting them know a gift has been given (amount of gift not shared) and that they or their loved one will be remembered, via a listing in the next Mountain Matters published after the gift is made.

Donate to the Jerry Jud Tribute Fund

Jerry recently turned 99!  Donate now in honor of his birthday.  Your gift will be directed to providing tuition assistance for people to be able to attend Shalom Retreats® regardless of their ability to pay.


Work Weekends

The Mountain hosts three work weekends (April, Memorial Day, and Labor Day) each year where community members gather to work together in repairing and maintaining the facilities and grounds. These weekends are a time for work, fun, and community building. Join us if you can, there’s always plenty to do!

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