Shalom Mountain Staff & Volunteers

A dedicated team of paid and volunteer staff, working both onsite and offsite, perform the day-to-day operations of Shalom Mountain.


Shalom Mountain Executive Council

The management team provides oversight of the operations, programs, staff, and strategic planning of Shalom Mountain.


Shalom Mountain Board of Directors

Shalom Mountain, Inc. (“SMI”) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). The SMI Board of Directors is made up of individuals representing the Shalom community and works with the management of Shalom to provide governance and support for the Mountain. 

Shalom Mountain Governing Body


The governing body consists of the Board of Directors and Executive Council. Each member brings tremendous talent, passion and dedication for the transformational work of Shalom Mountain.

From Left to Right: Ben Wild, Victoria Myer, Steve Ferrao, Nance McGee, Tom Penn, Maeba Jonas, Alex York, Jess Schust. (Susan Davidson not pictured)