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We are located about 120 miles from New York City.

664 Cattail Rd.
Livingston Manor, NY 12758


(845) 439-1385


Bus & Taxi Information NYC

Bus: Coach USA Shortline

Contact: 1-800-631-8405 or

  • Click “Scheduled Services” to double check departure and arrival times.
  • Shortline Bus Departs from NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal, NYC, NY.
  • Shortline Ticket Plaza is located in the North Wing-Suburban concourse (New Terminal Bldg.) at 41st St and 8th Avenue. Take bus destined for Middletown, Monticello-Liberty, NY.
  • Your destination is the bus terminal in Liberty, NY (63 Main St,). Be aware that a change of bus may be required in Monticello, NY.

NYC to Liberty, NY:
Port Auth. Bus Terminal, NYC, NY to CACHE, Liberty, NY

NYC to Livingston Manor, NY:
Port Auth. Bus Terminal NYC, NY to Chinatown Kitchen, Livingston Manor, NY

Liberty, NY to NYC:
CACHE, 63 Main St, Liberty, NY to Port Auth. Bus Terminal, NYC, NY



Taxi from Liberty – about $28
          Sureway: 292-8805 or 292-4141
Taxi from Monticello – about $50-$53
          Yellow Cab 794-4040 (1 hr notice for p/u from Shalom, give driver directions)
          Sureway: 794-5050
Taxi from Livingston Manor, NY – about $28
          Sureway: 292-8805
Taxi from NYC to Liberty or Liberty to NYC – about $230
         Sureway: 292-8805 or 292-4141


To/From Newark Airport, Newark, NJ:


Express Bus Service is available from Newark Airport to Port Auth. Bus Terminal
in NYC, Shortline service departs from there, please check Newark Airport
ground transportation and Shortline for departure and arrival times.