Ben Wild, Secretary

I am deeply committed to the work of Shalom Mountain. That is to say I am deeply committed to the love that Shalom Mountain brings to the world. My time at the mountain has awakened parts of me that I did not know existed. I entered with 5 senses and I feel like I gain one more each time I visit.

I have observed Shalom’s leadership team engage and support the community. More recently, I have been amazed to witness the strict governance that works behind the scenes to ensure a sustainable and vivacious future for Shalom. Throughout my 15 years of corporate work, I worked closely with Fortune 50 executives and boards of directors where governance is meticulously studied and refined. I can proudly report that my predecessors on the board have erected a strong backbone of loving oversight that will carry Shalom for many decades to come.

Outside of Shalom, my personal calling is to bring the gifts of community and experiential education to high school students. The support of a loving community, like we experience at Shalom, is never more critical in a person’s life than in their adolescent years. This gift was given to me at that age and it has expanded my life ever since.

My work in education and at Shalom is driven by my desire to allow others to experience these gifts that have been given to me.