Tom Penn

I have been at Shalom since before Shalom was at Shalom. My first Shalom Retreat was at Kirkridge in September of 1974. Shalom was recommended to me, as it has been for many people, by a friend who had just attended his first Shalom. I might not have gone yet if my wife had not wearied of my stalling and just signed us up.

My history with Shalom since then has been good. I love the process and what happens on retreats (or trainings or whatever). The Introductory Training was especially important for me coming at a time where I was deeply stuck.

A challenge that I would like to see pursued now is finding new ways to apply the Principles and Skills of Loving on and off the Mountain either as part of outreach or of bringing new programs to Cattail Road.

Off the Mountain I am a venture capitalist with a focus on the life sciences and a broader focus on the whole process of starting companies and building ecosystems that change the future. Much of my work these days is with mature companies but my real passion is working with startups which is where all the fun really is.