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Susan Davidson, co-Chair

Susan Davidson is currently an MSW student at NYU (interning at a chemical dependency clinic) and a Core Energetics Practitioner-In-Training, both in response to the healing and growth experienced at Shalom Mountain.  She started this journey in 2012 by attending the Couples’ Retreat with her (now) wife, and has been returning ever since to this and other retreats.  She completed Training in the Art of Loving and is currently in the Senior Retreat Leader Training program.

Susan is a graduate of Ball State University with Bachelor degrees in (music) education and (French horn) performance and Ithaca College with a Master’s Degree in Performance.  She spent nearly 26 years in the Army as a French horn player in the 493rd Army Band in Frankfurt, Germany, the US Army Europe Band and Chorus in Heidelberg, Germany, and as a musician and Director of Operations in the West Point Band. 

Susan is deeply committed to the Principles and Skills of Loving and carries these principles with her in everyday life in her relationships with others.  She is also deeply committed to spreading this work and its principles.