Transpersonal Advanced Shalom Retreat (Dec)

Transpersonal Advanced Shalom Retreat (Dec)


$695 All-inclusive tuition, housing and meals.*  Registration for this retreat requires a $150 deposit. This retreat is full, please call for waitlist.

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Led by John Bottone and Jeff Hilliard

Transpersonal psychology points to the stage of self-transcendence beyond self-actualization as the highest level of human development. This advanced Shalom Retreat uses the traditional Shalom Retreat format with mat work to open and experience these higher states of consciousness. This retreat is open to those who have completed a minimum of 3 Shalom Retreats and had a personal interview with one of the facilitators. It is designed for those persons who have explored much of their ego development and shadow work, and are feeling the impulse to surrender the ego, their old stories and beliefs, and embody more of the spiritual dimensions of human experience into their lives.