Erotic Partnership: A Sacred Sexuality Retreat for Couples

Erotic Partnership: A Sacred Sexuality Retreat for Couples


$1,500 per couple All-inclusive tuition, housing and meals.*  Registration for this retreat requires a $300 deposit.


Led By: Vyana Bergen & Cristian Graca and Shelly Reichenbach & Jeff Hilliard 

One of the joys of partnership is the adventure of loving, intimacy and sexuality with our beloved. When we journey together over time with patience and conscious attention, we deepen and evolve as individuals and as a couple. To honor and fuel that evolution, we need to step out of the regular rhythm of life and dive into the sacred dimensions of our erotic partnership.  Through the sharing of stories, embodied experiments, group rituals, and private time as a couple, we will deepen our skills for pleasure, connection and devotion. We will explore how sexual intimacy becomes the doorway into Eros - where life energy expands and flows - and how our shared experience becomes an opening into the Divine.