Women Loving Women Shalom Retreat®

Women Loving Women Shalom Retreat®


$695 All-inclusive tuition, housing and meals.*  Registration for this retreat requires a $150 deposit.


Led By: LJ Wooden

For many years now, the growing and ever-evolving Women Loving Women community has gathered twice annually to "do our work and healing" within a circle that honors all of who we are.  Within this safe and loving community of women, we take up our power, explore compassion, appreciate our sexuality, and affirm that ecstasy is our birthright!  This retreat follows the Shalom Retreat® format with time for matwork, storytelling, dancing, yoga, journaling and inner reflection. This retreat is specifically intended for lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women, although supportive heterosexual women are also welcome to join us.  We have added an extra day in the summer session to provide a greater opportunity for community building and enjoying the delights that summer on the Mountain bring!