Mystic Journey: Awakening the Heart

Mystic Journey: Awakening the Heart


$695 All-inclusive tuition, housing and meals.*  Registration for this retreat requires a $150 deposit.


Led By: Kai Jud

This retreat is an invitation to explore practices that will awaken us to the Universe’s love for us so that we can bring that love into our daily lives and into the world. We will have opportunities to take the time to quiet the inner chatter so that we can listen to the voice of Spirit. We will be dancing together in large and small groups, meditation, ritual and with nature. This will be a time of deep renewal.

Mysticism opens the way for us to experience God’s presence, allowing us to find new ways of knowing and loving. In these times of vast change and upheaval, we are being called to stay grounded in Self, in Eros and in our connection to Source.

Rumi asks us, “Is it really so that the one I love is everywhere?” In this retreat, I invite you to answer that question for yourself. Where do you direct your love? Where do you find love? How does the grace of love move through your body, heart and mind so that you become the ‘universe in ecstatic motion’? What is the sacred song that only you can sing?

We will be focusing on the path of love, the path of opening our hearts and specifically on the Sufi tradition ‘Iskh Allah Mabud Lillah’ – God as love, lover and beloved. Because we are made in God’s image, we are also love, lover and beloved. This is a concept that is embedded in all of the mystic traditions, not only Sufism.

We will be putting emphasis on what it means to be the beloved. So many of us feel some comfort in being the lover but allowing ourselves to be the Beloved is much more tender and vulnerable and we are often not willing to surrender into receiving. It is this pain of separation that is at the very foundation of the mystical life.

Together, we will be creating a community of mystics, each on his or her own path, exploring and sharing our practices, taking the time to engage deeply with ourselves, each other and the beauty of nature. This will be a time of deep renewal.